Thanks for all the help. We had a good visit and we immensely appreciate your assistance.However, We had few unpleasant occasions like a bad room that was initially given and a bad lunch and a not so good dinner on our anniversary. Other than these it was a memorable and a delightful stay.
I look forward to staying in Raddison again provided they fix the above issues., Carol especially was immensely helpful.
The rooms should tantamount to Brand Raddison Goa Candolim and I had a feeling at times that the renovation was incomplete.
The original room that was given to us was not worth the money spent and infact the upgraded room is atleast worth it. There was a smell of sea food all over the steps and other areas which I was not happy about. Infact The food smell was shooting till the room ( original one). Please ask the hotel to correct these.
Thanks again.
Posted on 4May2015

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