Remya Nambiar

Hello all,
Thank you sooo very much for arranging this trip to Sri Lanka for me!!
It was perfectly coordinated; we weren’t confused or lost even for a single moment.
The driver, most hotels, and the itinerary were brilliant.
We did face some issues with Taprospa Spa at Bentota and the point was echoed by some other co-travelers. You might want to revisit your association with that group.
My never-ending questions were handled extremely well by your team. Special call out to Kavita, Sunita, and Rajesh.
Have already recommended your team to some people; they will contact you when needed. Will continue the recommendation spree and hope to contact you guys again.
Also, special thanks from my parents for making it a hassle-free trip for them.
Remya Nambiar
Posted on 30 January 2016

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